Youth Culture and Wellness


Youth wellness is an integral part of building a better future. We offer a range of curated workshops intersecting Art, Culture and Wellness for Afro-Diasporic Youth. When young people form self-awareness and value systems built on Ancient wisdom a clear vision of a collective future that considers the well-being of the community takes form.


Workshop topics:

  • Rites of Passage at Menarche: Soul Path Discovery through the Menstrual Cycle 
  • A Holistic Approach to Menstrual Health & Wellness: Master Class & Workshop Series for Youth
  • Cultural Identity in the Diaspora and Community Wellness: An Exploration of Ancient Wisdom for Healing in the New Age

We continue to work and partner with the local communities, schools and International organizations to support youth development. Book a discovery call with Saran to explore ways your organization can support Wellness for Youth in the Afro-diasporic community.  



A Million Girls Foundation 

A Million Girls Foundation is a South African based foundation focused on empowering young girls and young women across Africa to attain their own economic and financial freedom, through these key Five Pillars; Menstrual Health & Hygiene, Education, Sanitation, Holistic Wellness, and Career Development. Their mission is to ensure that all African school girls have the opportunity to an uninterrupted schooling experience by providing them with sustainable and long-term solutions during their menstrual cycle. Learn more about A Million Girls.


Tribl is a crypto-powered "money-pooling" service. Tribl platform allows collectives to create a community wallet to collect payments and track expenses. Using blockchain technology, money pools are an effective way to streamline fundraising across international communities. TRiBL’s mission is to stitch the Global Black Community using the borderless economy of the internet. Learn more about Tribl

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