Youth Culture and Wellness


Youth Wellness is an integral part of building a better future. We offer a range of curated workshops intersecting Art, Culture and Wellness for Afro-Diasporic Youth.


When young people form self-awareness and value systems built on Ancient wisdom a clear vision of a collective future that considers the well-being of the community takes form.


Workshops include topics related to:


Rites of Passage at Menarche: Soul Path Discovery through the Menstrual Cycle


Cultural Identity in the Diaspora and Community Wellness: An exploration of Ancient Wisdom for healing in the New Age


We continue to work and partner with the local communities, schools and International organizations to support youth development. Book a discovery call with Saran to explore ways your organization can support Wellness for Youth in the Afro-diasporic community.  



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Learn my story, my journey, and how I became a Menstrual Health Education and Nutritional Coach.

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