Menstrual Health Education to Optimize Your Wellness

Holistic Nutrition | Herbal Medicine | Personal Alchemy

Hi, I'm Saran!

I help my clients to take a Holistic approach to healing menstrual and reproductive health issues. I take the 3 T approach to recovery and well being:


✺ Therapeutic Nutrition


✺ Traditional Plant Medicine


✺ Transformational Mental and Emotional Coaching.

Is my period different from normal?

Optimal Menstrual Health is essential for a person’s mental, emotional, physical and social well-being. With the right information and guidance, we can remove the stigma around menstruation and support healthy, pain-free cycles.


Optimal Menstrual Health Education Includes:

Mental Health Support ✧

✧ A return to traditional wisdom and rites of passage ✧

Community Support

Sexual Health Education ✧

Access to non-toxic, menstrual hygiene products ✧

Spiritual & Emotional Alchemy and Energy Medicine

Holistic Nutrition

Ditch the diet and cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Eating well doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods. I’ll help you elevate your food experience for optimal nutrition to bring your body back into balance.

Plant Wisdom

Natural Medicine can transform your connection to your environment and assist healing of both the physical and energy body. You’ll learn about herbal remedies to support reproductive and menstrual health.

Personal Alchemy

Do you struggle with emotional regulation, experience PMDD or extreme emotions at various points throughout your cycle? Your period holds clues to the ways you can transform your life and tap into your innate wisdom. We’ll put into practice various distress tolerance tools combined with Energy medicine to support your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Julia A.


“I’m so grateful I was referred to Saran. She was extremely caring, kind, thoughtful and attentive to all my needs. After one-on-one coaching with Saran, I feel better able to identify what my body needs and how to use a combination of supplements, nutrition and self-inquiry to regain balance. I was also able to conceive after months of trying. Thank you for being such an incredibly generous, patient and kind healer in my time of need – I will forever be grateful for how you’ve changed my life!”


Christina B.

"I was so pleased to see how Saran efficiently combined nutrition with astrology, personal seasons as well as the natural four seasons of the earth and how we can use these tools to thrive during every season. It is really a joy to know that, I get a true chance to start over each month and just like the moon I am going through phases, as such; I must be kind and compassionate with myself. Letting go of all that is old, welcoming the new and being still with my most authentic self.

I cannot Thank you enough Saran. Thank you for your creation, patience, diligence and insight. You and your work are breaths of fresh air . I trust you are and will be rewarded a thousand-fold for your divine works."

Cherisse V.

“I’ve struggled with fertility and weight management. A recent PCOS diagnosis made me question how I could overcome the internal physical obstacles to one day have a child. My doctors weren’t very helpful and I was not willing to take a cocktail of prescription medications to conceive or lose weight. As luck would have it, overlapping social circles brought Saran and I together. 

I would not be a mother today if it weren’t for Saran. She supported me throughout my fertility journey with a holistic approach towards conception. I am eternally grateful for Saran’s knowledge, attention to detail, and wisdom.”

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