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There are few things that bring me greater joy than sharing and teaching some of the topics that I’m most passionate about. Much of my work comes from many years of study as well as daily observation and practice.

Workshops centre healing from the inside out; bridging the gap and making the connection between ancient practices and our modern world.

Consulting services include programme development, instructional design and research related to Menstrual Health in Afro-diasporic communities, Youth Cultural Identity, Wellness, and Natural, Holistic Therapies. We have curated a team of the very best to support Culturally relevant programmes for the community.

Fatima Gould
General Manager- York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities

Let me begin by saying Saran is an exceptional facilitator and orator. She has a good stage presence both in person and online with the ability to make her audience feel warm and welcome. Every presentation has a good balance of theory, activities and time allotted for the audience to ask questions.  The material presented is very well-written and researched. If there is a question that Saran cannot answer she will let the participants know if further research is needed and will give a by when you can expect an answer. The materials presented are relevant and age-appropriate for students and adults. I especially like that the material gives food for thought, allows you to think outside the box and has a call to action. I must say as an observer over the past two years, I have learned a lot about my wellness, roots and culture and incorporated a lot of Saran’s teaching into my life.

Chad Garel
Vice Principal & Black Excellence Coach- York Catholic District School Board

When we think of diversity, our minds quickly jump to ideas of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders, or any number of identifiers that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. This often results in people feeling more isolated and excluded. Saran’s amazing ability to capture her student’s vast range of interests and have them pursue their passions in a safe environment, allows her students to truly establish a firm foundation in their own identities. Saran provides culturally relevant pedagogy so that her students can begin to see themselves in all areas of the curriculum, which leads to a sense of ownership, and a stronger sense of connection to the material being presented. These experiences better prepare her students to navigate the future that awaits them. Her nurturing demeanor, strong historical knowledge base, inspiring mentorship and motivational approach to learning, allows all of her students to unpack the true power of diversity. She teaches her students to recognize and celebrate their differences while learning to respect and value their diversity, irrespective of their background.

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An Introduction to A Holistic Approach to Menstrual Health & Reproductive Wellness 


This workshop introduces attendees to the factors that impact menstrual health and reproductive wellness.Attendees will come away feeling more aware of how they can support their bodies with nutrition, lifestyle changes and traditional healing practices. It is the foundational for workshop series on Menstrual Health with topics including:

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Traditional Healing Practices & Herbal Medicine
  • Emotional Alchemy in the Premenstrual Phase :Tools & Strategies
  • The Impact of Environmental Toxins on Hormone Health
  • Menstrual Hygiene & Menstruation Stigma in the Workplace
  • The Intersection of Menstrual Health & Mental Health

Cultural Connections: Menstrual Health & Wellness Workshop Series for Youth in the African Diaspora (Ages 15-29)


"We can't recreate history,  but we can reframe our perception of it and co- create our future reality"- Saran James-Vaughan 


This workshop series is designed to help youth integrate cultural practices as a means of mitigating some of the physiological and emotional issues related to menstruation. We examine how traditional Caribbean and diasporic diets may be contributing to some menstrual health issues, the impact of intergenerational trauma and the reclamation of rites of passage for community wellness. 

Many reproductive health diseases have a genetic component which can be tied to traumatic experiences passed down within families, and collective trauma due to our ancestors being enslaved.

Youth will develop an understanding of the intersectional nature of reproductive justice, wellness and the arts, from the  perspective of Afro diasporic traditions. We explore how reclamation of these traditional practices can inform Afro futures and ultimately, our Wellness


  • Youth will learn about the impact of enslavement on Sexual health & Reproductive Justice
  • The impact of caricatures created of black women on conditioned emotional states
  • Food & Diet of enslaved people and it's  long term impact on genetics and health.
  • Integrating a Healthy diet to support menstrual health and mental health
  • Reclaimed rites of passage activities at Menarche through a culturally relevant lens
  • Integrating traditional wisdom relating to menstruation for black youth in the diaspora
  • Youth will develop an understanding of their role within the community and the significance of Afro-centered values for relationship building
  • Progressive African perspectives on gender identity & sexuality 
  • Reclamation of circular, autonomous, socio- economic values to support community wellness
  • Arts, wellness & Afro-futures

Rest & Restore: Building Resilience & Cultivating the Compassionate Voice


Body Awareness is the Foundation for honouring the Cues to Rest, Heal and Restore. In this Workshop, Participants will Learn:

  • How Chronic Stress diminishes the body's ability to Activate it's Healing Responses
  • Resilience building With Therapeutic Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Compassion Allows Us to Honour the Journey to Restoration by learning what your Unique Inner Nurturer Sounds Like. Participants will:

  • Explore ways in which their early Experiences shaped their ability to self soothe in challenging times
  • Use visualization techniques to create a sense of calm & safety
  • Learn the foundation of Compassion: Wisdom, Strength, Warmth & Responsibility

Healing with Afro-diasporic Foods & Herbs

Learn about traditional foods, medicinal herbs and their impact on health outcomes for Afro-diasporic people. 

  • Staples Foods of Traditional Diets across the African Continent
  • Impact of enslavement on Diasporic diets and body composition
  • Granny's Wisdom: Traditional Healing Herbs
  • The Standard American Diet: Diseases Affecting the Afro-diasporic  Community
  • Bridging the gap: Cultural Foods, Herbs & Adapting to life in the Americas

The Menstrual Equity and Wellness for Educators Programme

A series of Masterclasses and Workshops designed to introduce Holistic Menstrual Health Education. The programme is a precursor to the comprehensive menstrual health and wellness program, which focuses on the following for both Students & Educators:


  • Creating equitable access to Menstrual products in school washrooms
  • The creation of Educational material in restrooms as it relates to the use and disposal of Menstrual Products
  • Holistic Menstrual Health & Wellness Education

-The impact of Diet, Nutrition & Environmental Stress on Menstrual Health

-Understanding Health menstrual cycles

  •  Support for Students and Educators in challenging the stigma related to menstruation. 
  • Decolonizing menstruation and creating space for understanding the intersection of culture and socio-economic factors that impact perceptions about menstruation
  • The environmental impact of Disposable menstrual products
  • Menstrual Health as an Indicator of Overall Health
  • Menstrual Equity and Inclusion for Non-Binary & Trans Students 

Holistic Menstrual Health & Menstrual Equity for Educators Workshop Series

The main focus of this series is to understand their Menstrual Health, centring their lived experiences and creating a culture of coaching for students during this transitional period in their lives.  

In the Workshop series, Educators will:

  • Reflect on how their Menstrual Health impacts their overall sense of well-being
  • Review foundational learning related to Menstrual Cycles & Menstrual Health
  • Discuss how their menstrual cycles impact their work, mood and ability to support students in honouring themselves and their natural rhythms
  • Learn to create inclusive conversations about menstruation to include Men, Non-Binary and Trans people
  • Learn the new definition of menstrual health and its intersections with mental, environmental and social health and wellness
  • Identify internalized stigma and shame about Menstruation and Menstrual Cycles.
  • Incorporate the tools learned for creating conscious coaching practices to create safe spaces for students to learn about Menstrual Cycles and Menstrual Health & Wellness

Menstrual Health In The Workplace


Is your Organization Period Positive?

Inclusive workplaces create an accommodating environment for all of their team members, including Menstruating people. I help organizations implement tools and strategies for creating a period positive work environment.

As a Reproductive & Menstrual Health Educator, I use various natural therapies to help people with building resilience and long term health and well-being. Did you know that menstrual health issues are pervasive and can impact personal wellness, connection to others, job performance, and physical health? Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been global trends of employee burnout and fatigue that negatively impact menstrual health.

This includes:

  • Access to menstrual hygiene products and disposal bins
  • Menstrual Health Workshops and training for HR and Managers
  • Accommodations for team members with Menstrual health disorders
  • Webinars for team members

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