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A community of self-healers, community builders and wellness activists who centre the voices of those from marginalized communities. The collective facilitates the creation of educational resources, access to whole-person care, curated workshops, courses and events to support one's capacity to thrive. The community ecosystem, models those found in nature to foster group resilience and interdependence while providing opportunities for collective ownership in physical wellness spaces and in the Metaverse using Web 3 tooling.



A Token Gated Community, giving you access to wellness courses, workshops, services and events curated by the community.

Stay Tuned for our Token Launch & Official Website

Comunity Tokens give access to:

It gives you access to:

-Menstrual Health Educational resources

-Mental Health Experts

-Mind/Body Therapists

-Courses on traditional healing therapies

-Healing Retreats

-Cooperative economics and fractional ownership in innovative Wellness Projects

-Decentralized governance (response to community wellness needs in real-time)

-Access to traditional healers and alternative medicine practitioners

A Token gated community offers you the opportunity to participate and create equity. Tokens are assets that represent your stake or ownership in an organization. Your investment of time is valuable, and we want to incentivize your participation. This creates access to resources critical to your well-being and gives you a financial stake in the growth of the community.

We are calling all Wellness Practitioners, Holistic Wellness enthusiasts and Self Healers!

We are in the beginning stages of growing our community. Please join the Inner Alchemists community for updates.



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