Transitional Seasons

autumn inner seasons spirituality Jul 13, 2021

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are moving through Fall, while our friends in the Southern hemisphere are experiencing the season of Spring. Both are transitional periods in the Life/Death/Life cycle.

Collectively and personally, we are all experiencing the energy of transition. A global pandemic, uprisings worldwide, ranging from the Black Lives Matter Movement to the End SARS movement in Nigeria. We are in the process of dismantling and rebuilding while highlighting injustice and inequity in the face of oppressive structures. How are we anchoring so that we can move through this transition with grace? Even as we max out on our coping mechanisms, grace persists.

Cultivating a relationship with all that comes with the reality of a death cycle allows us to sew new seeds to expand our soul work on this planet. We are invited to cultivate reverence for our personal and collective cycles.

Renewal is promised, but so is the contraction experienced when we are in the liminal space. The resistance and tension that comes with birthing something new, something more resilient and responsive to our collective responsibility on this planet.

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