The Hormonal Twilight Zone: Supporting Optimal Hormone Health in your 30s

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The Hormonal Twilight Zone: Supporting Optimal Hormone Health in your 30s

There is something fascinating that happens in our bodies in our 30s. It’s almost as if we are transported back to our teens all over again, experiencing everything from hormonal acne breakouts to menstrual cramps ad cycle irregularity. In some ways, I think its natureès way of giving us an opportunity to heal the things that were left unchecked from our early adolescence.

We coast through the invincible years of our 20s , eating, drinking and doing whatever we like without always seeing the the negative impact of our actions. And so, we arrive in our 30s wanting to carry forward many of the habits we formed in our 20s and our body’s are rebelling. The transformation required to shift into a place of balance can be extremely daunting given the pressures we all face in our day to day living.

We can begin the process of healing by simplifying the way we eat, work, think and live and by taking baby steps, choosing one habit to change until it because a deeply engrained practice.

Start by:

  • Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night: This might be a huge challenge but it is the probably the most important element for facilitating healing. The body can regenerate itself, reset metabolism and recalibrate the nervous system during periods of deep rest. This is one of the major keys to optimal hormone health
  • Easy on the Alcohol- Habitual alcohol consumption can have a negative impactive on blood sugar levels and contributes to symptoms of Estrogen Dominance. Just 1 drink can negatively affect hormone levels
  • Limit Sugar Intake and be mindful of hidden sugars in processed foods
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats- Essential Fatty Acids help reduce systemic inflammation and, inflammation in the ovaries that can contribute to fertility and ovarian cysts. Studies have shown a diet rich in omega # fatty acids found in fish and flax seeds, help to prolong and preserve reproductive health into advanced maternal age

Finally, stay in flow and remain flexible. The shifts and changes we experience are meant to make us adaptable to our ever-changing environment and this will often challenge the very core of everything we’ve held true about who we are. Staying in flow requires us to cultivate self awareness and rely a little bit more on how your body is reacting to the things we put into it, your lifestyles and environment. This will inevitably start to shape your decision-making processes. You will start to ask; does this help or hurt me? Does this make me feel well or unwell? And slowly over time you find that you are choosing wellness and wholeness over illness and disease.


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