The Healing Spiral

archetypes energy healing reproductive wellness sexual trauma somatic healing Jul 13, 2021

One of the first comments I get when I start working with folks is, I’m completely overwhelmed! There is so much information out there and I have no idea where to start. When it comes to reproductive wellness, there is a lot of investigative work that goes into discovering what the right combination of elements will be to support healing. Most often, addressing the psycho-spiritual and emotional roots of disease is just as important as healing the physical body, choosing a sustainable diet, and a lifestyle that will allow for lasting and long term wellness.

Healing happens in a spiral, we come back to things we have experienced with expanded knowledge and awareness. The key is to first commit to extending as much loving compassion, kindness, and patience to yourself during the process. Without this, it will be easy to become discouraged and to give in to that gremlin in the mind that tells you, you aren’t improving quickly enough. With compassion, we eliminate the suffering that can come with the decision to start this work. We allow for our perspectives to evolve as we grow and take new approaches, challenging what we believed to be true all along.

I’ve decided to start the healing spiral series as an introduction to some of the key elements of healing reproductive health issues. Much of this work is trauma-informed, with the understanding that many diseases of the womb, are in many ways, rooted in personal and/or collective traumatic experiences. You will learn nutrition fundamentals, the herbal allies that help to create alignment and the tools to heal the emotional and energetic body.

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