Bridging the gap: The physical and spiritual experience

archetypes energy healing somatic healing spirituality Jul 13, 2021

How can we move through the world and interact dynamically with our environment without some effort to understand and have compassion for our humanity?

Our physical bodies are constantly receiving and responding to stimuli in our environment while the subtle energy body picks up the less tangible vibration of all living matter. Our brains do the work of processing all we receive in an attempt to determine whether or not we need to activate or settle our bodies. Is it safe? The brain is designed to protect us, to keep us alive and it does an excellent job of this.

When we experience trauma of any kind, this memory gets stored in the body. Often, nervous system activation can happen if we are particularly sensitive to subtle energy, we can have unexplained physical reactions like goosebumps, numbness, cold extremities and tingling in situations that on the surface appear safe. It is worthwhile to investigate the root when we experience nervous system activation of this kind but it takes a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and self-compassion to face one’s humanity in this way.

The anchor point on this spiralic journey is heart-centered return to the soul. The point at which the spirit and the body meet in a kind of cosmic dance. We have the opportunity to honour both the human experience and soul expansion, knowing that these two are not mutually exclusive. The physical, mental, and emotional environment is in constant flux. We adapt and evolve to meet these changes and resistance to adaptation can result in undue suffering.

Have you felt resistance to your own healing? Have you bypassed the body or found it difficult to access soul anchored love?

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