Anchoring & Grounding with Valerian

astroherbalism dark moon herbalism holistic nutrition nutrition polyvagal theory Jul 13, 2021

That moment when you feel the energy from the mind moving downwards, stopping by the heart and gently easing palpitations, descending into the stomach, settling the nervous anxiety held there. The deeply nourishing feeling of being grounded in something other than the creations of the mind, sensing a rooting down that is both healing and soothing. This is the energy of Valerian.

I’ve used herbal medicine for many years as an ally for life’s most challenging moments, cultivating a relationship where I am completely open to observing the way the medicine affects my body, mind, and spirit. It is said that it takes seven lifetimes to truly learn and understand the enormity of the wisdom held in plant medicine and I am always a student, even as I invite you all to lean on what exists in our natural world for support. 

Valerian is a herb that is therapeutic for those of us that tend to hang out in the brain, studying, analyzing, and absorbing a lot of information, in a place of constant stimulation through consumption of media of all kinds. Those of us who have a deep desire for an understanding of the world and our place in it. For the beings who are activated and energized and in a place where our nervous systems are in a state of heightened alertness for extended periods of time.

I’ve included Valerian in my sleep tea blend because as I’m sure many of you can relate to, restful sleep as been elusive, and sleep patterns disrupted in this period of uncertainty. We’ve been cycling through a myriad of emotions on a daily basis which can sometimes keep us up at night. As with all herbs, Valerian is not a panacea, it simply allows for a momentary pause as we give our bodies a chance to rest and recoup energy so we can move through difficult times and tap into our innate resilience. 

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