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activism black healing community reproductive wellness Jul 13, 2021

How do we get to the root of what ails us? How do we start the process of addressing the complexity of anti-black racism and its far-reaching effects in our communities?


Much of my work is centered around reproductive wellness, primarily working within our community to create a space for healing from the inside out. 

When we look at the health outcomes for those in the Black communities, the statistics are startling. 

Maternal Health and birth experiences:

 According to the CDC, black folks are 60% more likely to  have a premature baby than white folks

-We are three to four times more likely to experience pregnancy-related death. Preeclampsia is a significant issue for black folks in labour

-Black folks are more likely to undergo hysterectomies than white folks

-Black folks are disproportionately affected by uterine fibroids and experience more severe symptoms including heavy/ prolonged bleeding

-We are more likely to die from preventable chronic diseases such as hypertension (cardiovascular disease) and diabetes

-Historically, black folks are treated differently in the health care system, we have been thought of as having a much higher pain tolerance which has its roots in slavery. 

We continue to look to health systems that are not designed for us and do not address the root causes of diseases that affect us. A system that does not look at traditional healing modalities or centering healing from the context of addressing collective, ancestral, and intergenerational trauma.

I continue to encourage you to continue advocating and educating yourself on what is in your best interest. 

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