6 High Fibre Fruits to support Estrogen Balance

fiber gut health holistic nutrition nutrition pms recipes workplace wellness Jul 13, 2021

One of the ways we can metabolize estrogen in the body is by ensuring that our processes of elimination are working well. If you suffer from constipation and also have Fibroids or other diseases of the reproductive system, chances are you aren’t eliminating excess estrogen well. Fiber is of critical importance for everyone but especially if you have any of these issues.

Just 1 or 2 services of fruits daily can have a significant effect on your bowel movements. What does 1 serving look like? Imagine a cupped handful of your favorite fruit. For example, just one serving of Kiwi gives you 22% of the daily value for fiber.

Here are some fruits that are an excellent source of fiber







If you’re in the tropics there are tons of high fiber fruit options as well.

Passion Fruit





Can you commit to one simple step towards improved health by adding 1 -2 servings of fruit to your diet each day?

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