Breast Massage for Hormone Balance

Breast Massage is useful for self-examination and supports hormone balance. Practiced for thousands of years by Taoist Practitioners to recirculate sexual, it is believed to reduce pain and even shorten the duration of menstruation. Breast Massage can prove to be a treasured part of your self-care routine, especially if you tend towards tenderness and Fibrocystic […]

Transitional Seasons

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are moving through Fall, while our friends in the Southern hemisphere are experiencing the season of Spring. Both are transitional periods in the Life/Death/Life cycle. Collectively and personally, we are all experiencing the energy of transition. A global pandemic, uprisings worldwide, ranging from the Black Lives Matter Movement to the […]

Anchoring & Grounding with Valerian

That moment when you feel the energy from the mind moving downwards, stopping by the heart and gently easing palpitations, descending into the stomach, settling the nervous anxiety held there. The deeply nourishing feeling of being grounded in something other than the creations of the mind, sensing a rooting down that is both healing and […]